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The first wireless captioning system on live presentations


This page show some real live cases where Text on Top® has been used to provide real-time captioning.

European Development Days, Brussels, October 2012

At the European Development Days in Brussels, Text on Top® was used during a 90 minutes discussion. The short video below demonstrates how Text on Top® works in real live.
Wim Gerbecks is the Speech-To-Text-Reporter who uses the Velotype Pro keyboard to do the real time captioning.

Have a look!

European Day of People with Disabilities, Brussels, December 2012

At the Charlemagne building of the European Commission, Text on Top® was successfully used to provide real-time captioning on the large projector screen of the conference room, as well as on individuals' computers in the audience.

Outside the conference room, the innovative company behind Text on Top®, Velotype from The Netherlands, displayed their products on a booth. Obviously the real-time captions were also visible there.

Text on Top at the European Day of People with Disabilities


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