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Open printversion

The first wireless captioning system on live presentations


Below you find the latest Text on Top® software (version: 2.7.3). It is a compressed file (zip) that you should unpack onto both(all) Text on Top® USB sticks.

Download the latest Text on Top® software (156 MB)

How to update my Text on Top® devices

  • Download the zipfile using the link above.
  • Make sure you have WinZip or similar programme installed on your computer.
  • Open the archive. You need a password for this. Check your update-email.
  • Now do for ALL Text on Top® sticks:
  • Choose the "extract to..." option and select the TEXT-ON-TOP removable media as the target folder.
  • Safely remove *) the Text on Top® stick when all the copying is done.
  • Repeat the extract-step for all your Text on Top® sticks.
  • When you are done, you can close the archive and optionaly delete it from your computer.
    You may however, run the CART/STTR reporter application directly from your computer.
*) On Microsoft Windows®, in the Explorer click the right mouse button and select Eject. Or use the removable media icon in the system tray.
On Apple Macintosh®, click on the Eject button next to the TEXT-ON-TOP device. In both cases, please wait until the OS tells it is safe to remove the device.

If this above is too confusing, try this automated script:

Separate Text on Top Vision download

Text on Top Vision is very often used on tablets. The tiny Text on Top micro device is especially designed for that purpose. However, it does not contain a flash drive with the software on it. So you have to install/copy it yourself. Just store it on your Desktop folder.

There are several ways to do this:
  • Through a shared drive on your local network (LAN)
  • Through a dropbox share
  • Using an SD card
  • By emailing the software
  • Or by downloading it from the web!
Here is the link for the Windows version of Text on Top Vision:
Vision for Windows

It is also available for Android (not perfect yet!):
Vision for Android


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