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The first wireless captioning system on live presentations

Ordering Text on Top®

Before you order Text on Top, please think about possible situation you may encounter on the job. Have you ever had a visual impaired person in the audience? An extra receiver would be a great benefit for this individual while the others can enjoy the captioning on the presentation screen. Most users buy three devices for this reason.

When you order Text on Top you will always receive devices that has the latest software installed. Once you receive them, you can instantly start using Text on Top®! No need to go through difficult online-update loops whatsoever.


  • A set of two
  • Text on Top® devices costs €249.00 (~$359.00) excl vat.
  • A set of three
  • Text on Top® devices costs €349.00 (~$499.00) excl vat.
  • A set of four
  • Text on Top® devices costs €449.00 (~$599.00) excl vat.
Additional costs for shipping and handling are about €25.00. For shipping to the US about €50.00. Payment must be done in advance and can be done by Bank Transfer or by PayPal (which is probably cheaper).

How to order

Ordering goes easily by email. Please provide the following information:
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Your full name
  • The postal address (include additional info like floor number if relevant)
  • Postal code
  • State/province
  • Country
  • If the billing address differs from the information above, please provide this info also.
  • The applicable VAT number/Tax-ID
  • Your email address (used to notify you when new software is available).
  • Your telephone number. This is required by the express agent.
  • And of course the number of sets/devices you want to order.

Put all this in an email and send it to info@text-on-top.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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