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The first wireless captioning system on live presentations


Text on Top® is a wireless solution that provides real-time captioning on top of any application running on the secondary computer.

The programs that are required to operate and produce the text are carried within the devices itself and are actually executed from the device' internal flash drive.
Both Microsoft Windows® and Apple Macintosh® computers are supported. It is 100% Plug and Play, meaning you don't have to install any drivers: just plug-in the device and start the Text on Top® launcher application.

How do I produce text

A special reporter application is provided where the subtitles are being produced by the CART/STTR reporter. This application already has a list of powerful features that help the reporter to work easily and efficiently.

Some features are:
  • Configuration of local appearance, optimized for the reporter.
  • Configuration of the remote appearance:
    • Font type.
    • Font size.
    • Text color (4 colors).
    • Font outline color and outline width.
    • Background color, mode and transparency.
    • Line count.
    • Positioning of the text area (in case people or objects block the target screen).
  • Configurable stand time of a title, based on the absolute minimum and read speed.
  • 4 title positions (top, below-top, above-bottom, bottom), directly accessible through the numeric keyboard.
  • Multiple shortform lists can be defined.
  • Quick on-the-fly insertion of new shortforms.
  • Playback of known text, for instance a movie, lyrics or a script of a play in the theater.
  • Dual-reporter support, allow reporters to work together each with their own equipment.
  • Text output on the second screen that is directly attached, appearance configurable seperately.

Screenshot reporter application

How captions are made visible

A dedicated display application take care of positioning, visualization and timing of the titles. As the reporters' side has no knowledge about the screen dimensions, the positioning and timing is done on the remote side, based on the settings that are dictated by the reporter application however. This also means that titles that does not fit in the specified text area need to be cut into pieces. This is all done automatically. The display application even speed up the read speed dynamically when it discovers more text is produced in comparison to the default read speed setting.

The display application operate with minimal interferance with other running applications on the computer. This means that the user, the presenter, retain full access to applications (by mouse and keyboard) that are 'behind' the shown subtitle as if it isn't there. Even when running their application in full screen mode, like a PowerPoint® presentation for instance.

This is where the subtitle appear

For the (visual impaired) individual

Another application that comes with package is a special Vision program that is ideal for an individual (a student for example) to receive the text on his/her peronal notebook. The application behaves like a regular program and so the user can resize, position and hide window as desired.

The appearance of the text is not determined by the reporter, but under control of the enduser (your client) himself. This makes the program suitable for visual impaired persons that require a large font or high contrast colors. Additionally this program allow (slow) readers to scroll back and forwards while the text grows and grows. The highlighted acts as a ruler that to support reading.

Screenshot Vision application

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® XP or higher.
  • Apple Macintosh® OS-X or higher.
  • One free USB slot. If it is taken? Don't worry: Text on Top® supplies a free slot at its rear end!


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